Exercise? I get more than people think, Trump says

Exercise? I get more than people think, Trump says

Jackson said he hadn't heard of any past president ever having a cognitive assessment while in office.

"I was on a treadmill for the first time actually in quite a while, and it was at a very steep angle, and I was there for a very long time", he said. "If you do - certainly, if you get a 30 out of 30, I think you can confidently assume that you're done on the cognitive workup for now".

Last week a group of mental health professionals sent an urgent public letter to the president's doctor requesting he test Trump's cognitive abilities.

Trump insisted on taking the test and passed it with flying colors, Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson, presidential physician, told reporters.

Still, Jackson said that he spoke with the president about changing his diet and exercise patterns, since he's a pound away from being obese and admitted to not exercising.

Jackson credited the results to genetics.

At a press briefing on Tuesday, Dr. Ronny Jackson announced that Donald Trump had achieved a flawless 30 out of 30 score on the test. Jackson said he hopes to bring down the LDL or "bad cholesterol" score with diet, exercise and statin medication.

Trump's blood pressure was 122 over 74, and his total cholesterol was 223, which is higher than recommended. Trump has no heart disease.

"I guess they all realized they're going to have to leave it to a president that scored the highest on tests".

Trump was 70 when he took office on January 20, 2017, making him the oldest person ever elected to the presidency. Meanwhile, a "girther" conspiracy over the height and weight numbers provided by Jackson about Trump quickly spread online. A BMI of 30 and over is considered obese.

After speaking with Dr Jackson, he claims he admitted he had heart disease.

"It does rule out the need to do any other cognitive assessment", Jackson said. "It took significantly longer to complete, and the president did extremely well on it", Jackson said. He also takes a low-dose aspirin for heart health. Despite this, Trump's #Health, both mental and physical, has been a topic of discussion.

Trump last revealed details about his health two months before the November 2016 election.

Cognitive assessments aren't routine in standard physicals, though they recently became covered in Medicare's annual wellness visits for seniors. Could you? Take a short version of the test above.

It's designed, he explained, to test for "minimum cognitive function to be able to do important things" and "does not absolutely assess personality issues".

But Mishori cautioned that despite good results on his cardiac exams, Trump is at increased risk of cardiovascular disease because of his age, weight, sedentary lifestyle and cholesterol level.

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