Florida drilling exemption ironic

Florida drilling exemption ironic

(Jan. 12, 2018) Local and state officials responded negatively this week to the Trump Administration's announcement that it would allow offshore oil and natural gas exploration in most coastal areas. He announced plans to collect public comments on the proposal, including at a February 28 meeting in Atlanta. The complaints came as South Carolina's Republican governor said Wednesday he is seeking an exemption from the proposed drilling expansion, a move that will test the relationship between Trump and one of his earliest supporters.

However, it's doubtful if ME - with only two electors - holds the same kind of political weight as a state such as Florida, whose voters sent all of its 29 electors for Trump. But the exemption of Florida - whose GOP governor objected to the plan - stirred more Republicans to protest the proposal.

Zinke told the Post that meeting was the first in a "series of conversations" with other governors from both parties but as of Wednesday morning his spokesperson said they had not received requests from any governors and did not know if he had any other meetings scheduled.

Sierra Club Florida Director Frank Jackalone decried Zinke's decision as a "purely political move to aid the ambitions of Rick Scott". More flippantly, the filmmaker Michael Moore had already threatened to launch a "monster" fracking operation off the coast of Mar-a-Lago, the site of Donald Trump's Florida resort.

The annual University of South Florida-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey showed 44% support for the activity in 2014 with 39% opposed.

"I support the governor's position that Florida is unique and its coasts are heavily reliant on tourism as an economic driver", Zinke said in a statement.

But at least one long-time critic of offshore drilling in the state, Democrat Sen.

"All states and localities opposed to this drilling proposal should be heard and those with compelling reasons, like New Jersey, should receive waivers, if we're really about respecting local concerns in our national energy policy", Smith said.

"What else am I supposed to think?" "We don't want it and we don't need it. This is a matter of serious importance to us in SC", said McMaster.

In a statement, Zinke said he has "witnessed Governor Scott's leadership through hurricane season and am working closely with him on Everglades restoration". Depending upon the source, the wording says no offshore drilling off the east and west coast of the state - or no drilling in federal waters. "The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA) clearly outlines a deliberative, inclusive and lengthy review process", said NOIA President Randall Luthi. Before the carve-out, Nelson had been urging bipartisan legislation to halt the entire offshore drilling order.

As multiple media figures and politicians have pointed out already, his "exempting" Florida is nearly certainly not allowed under federal law.

"I have spent my entire life fighting to keep oil rigs away from our coasts", Nelson said in a statement reported by the Times.

"The secretary's tweet makes it likely, in our view, that subsequent drilling plans will remove Florida, but it raises an important question: How will Interior define 'Florida?'" Book said.

Florida's Rick Scott was among the coastal governors who spoke up.

With states and environmentalists expected to strongly oppose and even sue, the timeline for the final program approval could be further pushed off, and it's possible that there will be no lease sales-let alone drilling-in the next few years.

"If the Trump admin is responsive to the request of Florida's governor, he ought to be responsive to the request of our governor", he said.

CYNICISM HAS always been a part of politics, but rarely are politicians so brazen and self-serving as President Trump and his interior secretary, Ryan Zinke, have been over the past week.

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