Ford Drops Diesel Into F-150, Finally

Ford Drops Diesel Into F-150, Finally

A 10-speed automatic transmission is standard on all Power Stroke F-150 models, and was developed exclusively for the truck. It reportedly has the most powerful hauling and towing features in the market.

The F-150 Diesel's 250 hp arrives at 3200 rpm, while all 440 lb-ft is available between 1750 and 2250 rpm.

EcoBoost gas-powered turbo V-6 versions of the Ford F-150 now account for 60 percent of sales, while the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 diesel enjoys almost 85-percent take rate on the Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups. reports this engine is an updated version of the 3.0-liter turbodiesel V6 offered in various Jaguar-Land Rover products, first offered when Ford owned Land Rover.

Although diesel's popularity has waned in passenger vehicles in the USA, truck buyers have asked for the engine option for its increased towing capacity and longer fuel range.

"We know that we have available powertrains globally, but we just can't take those...and put them in the F-Series", said David Felipe, vice president of global powertrains for Ford. While the Ford engine and the Land Rover powerplant share similar displacements, block architecture, and outputs (254 hp in the Land Rover vs. 250 hp in the Ford), engineers from Ford said the two engines have key differences.

An engine-driven fan and dual mechanically actuated radiator shutters manage cooling while an upgraded torque converter handles the extra power. Ford in 2017 sold 896,764 F-series trucks, more than in any year since 2005.

Per the estimated EPA fuel economy rating, Ford says the final figures will be released this spring.

FCA's light-duty truck's 3.0L V-6 EcoDiesel was a considerable success, seeing a almost 20% take rate, but suffered a black eye a year ago when the EPA cited the engine for emissions violations.

Since its introduction on the F-150 in 2011, Ford's EcoBoost V-6s have become the engine of choice for most F-150 buyers, but now the diesel is "the next logical extension", says Todd Eckert, truck marketing manager. The vehicle will come with a price tag between $2,400 and $4,000 more than its petrol alternative.

The objective of diesel grunt is a serious work ethic, and Ford anticipates best-in-class ratings for the new F-150 option: 2,020-pound payload and 11,400 pounds towing.

The diesel engine will be manufactured at a Ford plant in Britain.Ford executives said they expect that once production ramps up about 5 percent of F-150 models will be ordered with the diesel engine.

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