Frey quips about welcoming Eagles fans to Minneapolis

Frey quips about welcoming Eagles fans to Minneapolis

While the Vikings players won't be on the field, there will still be a strong Vikings presence with many players attending various Super Bowl events throughout the week.

"Being a former Giants fan, I am familiar with being down in Philadelphia", Zygi Wilf said, "but Philadelphia is fighting for their first Super Bowl and it's very exciting for them".

The Vikings are no strangers to NFC Championship heartbreak, losing their last six appearances.

Lurie still doesn't believe these things make the Eagles fanbase worse than, say, NY fans or Boston fans, two groups also known to be pretty passionate. Even though they are playing host and enjoying the festivities, they still seem to have picked sides when it comes to who they are rooting for on Sunday.

"Now look, I can't tell you that there won't still be attempts, but I would suspect that some of them will be far more hard than they were with the Crisco attempt", said Ross, according to CBS Philly. This team is built to win for a while.

There's been purple and gold everywhere you look in Minneapolis, St. Paul and Bloomington this week, despite the Vikings loss.

"A big welcome to the New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles fans".

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