HTC unveils Vive Pro at CES 2018

HTC unveils Vive Pro at CES 2018

"We expect that this upgraded product family will lead to a rapid increase of VR content that takes advantage of Wireless Virtual Reality experiences, thus bringing more consumer and enterprise customers into the wireless VR market". These devices improve on both the HTC Vive and recently-released Oculus Rift add-ons, including a sleeker hardware design, wearable head plate and a 4-in-1 battery charger that will allow you to keep playing wireless VR for longer.

Display resolution has been upped to 1440 x 1600 per panel (2880 x 1600 combined) from 1080 x 1200 (2160 x 1200 together) on the standard Vive.

Neither the Vive Pro nor the Vive Wireless Adaptor have been priced upon their CES 2018 reveal, which leaves a little space for speculation. The adapter utilises Intel's WiGig technology, a high-frequency version of typical Wi-Fi that can put through almost 7 gigabits per second of data. In practice that means sharper more legible texts and image details in your VR world.

The Vive Pro also features high-performance headphones with a built-in amplifier that offers a heightened sense of presence and richer sound, HTC said. Additionally, the new headset will feature two front-facing cameras which should present some interesting new opportunities for developers to work with augmented reality games. Pricing and availability is yet to be disclosed.

Of course, there are a few adapters out there that would allow users to have a wireless experience with the HTC Vive VR headset but because of the interference and low latency, it was not the flawless solution. Intel's WiGig tech uses the interference-free 60GHz band and ensures minimal latency for the VR system.

HTC plans to start marketing the wireless adapters in the third quarter of 2018 with the price to be announced later.

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Meanwhile, HTC is also improving its Viveport app store experience for the Vive. There are more than 1000 titles available via Viveport and more than 325 via subscription. In short, it seems to be a straight upgrade from the current HTC Vive.

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