KFC Canada Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments; Announces 'The Bitcoin Bucket'

KFC Canada Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments; Announces 'The Bitcoin Bucket'

The fast food retailer is selling a bucket of fried chicken for $20 presented in a bitcoin-themed container. KFC Canada, upon being asked why they are accepting Bitcoins and not something which is less volatile showed their amusing side and commented, "more exciting". "Despite the ups and downs of bitcoin, the Colonel's Original Recipe is as good as always".

Time to get yourself some of that finger lickin' good food, Canada!

You might take a look at this tweet from KFC Canada and think "they're taking the piss, right?" It appears as if KFC Canada is running this Bitcoin payments promotion only for this week.

Despite some customer doubts, KFC Canada said Friday that the deal is real and that while the promotion was "temporarily sold out", people would again be able to pay with Bitcoin later on Friday.

The marketing ploy was accompanied by a Facebook live video featuring bitcoin prices and bitcoin-themed jokes, such as "Trade your digital tender for chocken tenders", "It's the $20 bucket, but more futuristic and a little confusing", "Bitcoin is down". According to the check-out process on KFC's website, Bitcoin Bucket will be delivered directly to the customer's address including shipping fee and taxes of $7.60, which makes it 27 Canadian dollars in total.

Also the company points out that the trading time of the Bitcoin Bucket is limited. But, in the future, the integration of second-layer solutions could allow restaurants to enable bitcoin payments, if transaction fees can drop below $1.

While the move is appreciated, such a step will most likely not percolate across the globe at KFC outlets and neither will it be replicated by other major such fast food retailers. "Invest in buckets instead", and others.

Fried chicken chain KFC Canada is accepting bitcoin - for a limited time and for a cryptocurrency-themed bucket of chicken, that is.

Response to social media was controversy. The gate for rival cryptocurrencies that include bitcoin cash, litecoin, ethereum and ripple was opened.

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