Mark Zuckerberg vows to fix Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg vows to fix Facebook

In the United States, lawmakers have criticized Facebook for failing to prevent Russian operatives from using its platform to meddle in the 2016 US elections.

It's been a tough year for Facebook, and the road ahead doesn't look as if it's going to get better.

In many places, we're doubling or more our engineering efforts focused on security and we're also building new AI to detect bad content and actors just like we've done with terrorist propaganda. "Today feels a lot like that first year", Zuckerberg said in a post on his Facebook page.

The hoodie-wearing CEO, who has previously taken on learning Mandarin, reading books and visiting new parts of the country, is setting a less concrete goal in focusing on fixing important issues confronting his company. His firm does crisis management for major technology companies.

Zuckerberg acknowledged that many people's opinion on the power of technology had changed.

Each year Mr Zuckerberg sets himself a goal to achieve by the end of the year. He pointed to the centralization of power among larger technology companies that dominate markets, as well as the surveillance government imposes upon its citizens.

He did say that there are important "countertrends" to this, citing encryption and cryptocurrency as examples of taking power back from centralised systems.

'But they come with the risk of being harder to control. He writes that he's interested in studying their impact and "how best to use them in our services".

2013 - Meet a new person that doesn't work at Facebook every day. He even points out the growing distrust of major tech companies and the enormous power companies like Facebook have gained. After months of downplaying the scope of the issue, Facebook said more than 10 million Americans were hit by the bogus ads.

Many people like the New Year because it signals a clean slate - a time to rejuvenate and start afresh. Past endeavours include learning Mandarin, visiting every U.S. state, killing his own food and building an AI for his own home. I believe this will make our society stronger, and in doing so will be good for all of us over the long term, but I want to be clear about what our priorities are. Will Facebook give up its extremely profitable role as the most popular hub for online communication and information? He compared 2018 to 2009, a year where Facebook needed to develop a path to profitability - and he wore a tie every day to remind him it was a "serious year".

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