Multiple charter buses carrying Apple employees targeted on Highway 280

Multiple charter buses carrying Apple employees targeted on Highway 280

Windows have been smashed on five buses used to shuttle Apple employees around the San Francisco Bay Area in suspected pellet gun attacks during the past several days, the Guardian reported Wednesday. Windows on the buses were shattered by what employees are suspecting was a gun being fired at the vehicles. The first attack took place Friday evening, with an additional three buses targeted during yesterday morning's commute and another one later that evening. The buses suffered window damage, perhaps from a BB gun or rock, Montiel said.

Since the buses were unmarked it's unclear if a suspect or suspects were targeting Apple, but it does look like the charter buses were targeted, according to Officer Montiel.

Apple told staff that its commuter buses would be diverted away from the I-280 highway until further notice.

California highway patrol public information officer Art Montiel confirmed the incidents.

Every day, Apple runs a shuttle service from San Francisco to Apple's headquarters in Cupertino to help employees commute to work. No one was injured in the incidents.

Mashable reached out to Apple and local police, who still don't know who is responsible or what they are using to target the buses.

Apple shuttles aren't the only tech buses under attack. We're working closely with law enforcement to investigate these incidents and we'll notify you as soon as the coaches are able to return to the regular route.

The damage was caused on a stretch of Highway 280 between Highway 85 and Woodside Road, Montiel said.

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