Rat on Plane Cancels Alaska Airlines Flight From Oakland to Portland

Rat on Plane Cancels Alaska Airlines Flight From Oakland to Portland

An Alaska Airlines spokesperson said a rat was spotted jumping onto Flight 915 as people were boarding the plane at around 8:30 a.m. Some airlines, including United, announced they would allow passengers to rebook their flights for free if the storm interrupted their travel plans.

Some passengers are scheduled to fly out on Wednesday.

"The pilot said he didn't want it around his feet", Hintz said.

The rat is believed to have jumped on board when passengers were deplaning from the previous flight from Portland. "Departure time: unknown #truestory".

"The plane is now out of service", said an airline spokesperson.

The Associated Press reported Thursday morning that airports in the New York City area and Boston have been particularly hard hit, with more than two-thirds of flights in and out canceled. Alaska Airlines said that it will resume using the plane after a professional exterminator confirms that the plane is rodent-free.

Alaska and Virgin America canceled most of their flights in and out of Boston, New York Kennedy, New York LaGuardia, Newark and Philadelphia.

"An Alaska Airlines aircraft departing Oakland International Airport was cancelled today due to reports of a mouse in the cockpit of the aircraft", Taylor said in an email. Teigen live-tweeted the incident, drawing attention to the problem with All Nippon Airways. "Why.why do we all gotta go back, I do not know", Teigen posted on Twitter. Check online here for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport flights.

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