Ukip leader's girlfriend, Jo Marney, suspended over 'racist' Meghan Markle comments

Ukip leader's girlfriend, Jo Marney, suspended over 'racist' Meghan Markle comments

The 54-year-old Ukip leader left his 42-year-old wife after he met Marney shortly before Christmas.

According to the tabloid, Marney wrote messages to a friend complaining that Markle - an American actress of mixed race who is due to marry Harry in May - would "taint our royal family" with her "seed".

In a statement to the paper, the young party member said: "I apologise unreservedly for the shocking language I used".

Mr Bolton has said that his relationship is a private matter but that has not stopped the party calling a special meeting, due to take place this week, to consider the allegations.

A UKIP spokesman told the Press Association Ms Marney had been suspended from the party.

Party chairman Paul Oakden said he chose to suspend Marney's party membership immediately after he was made aware of the messages.

Since the abhorrent nature of the texts were revealed, Marney has been suspended from UKIP.

Meanwhile former UKIP leadership candidate Ben Walker called for Bolton to quit, accusing him of having "deeply flawed judgement".

Mr Bolton, whose relationship with Ms Marney is under investigation, has not commented on the messages, although he took to Twitter in the early hours of Sunday morning to deny other allegations about their relationship.

The report of Marney's use of highly offensive language about people from different ethnic backgrounds comes as Bolton faces an investigation into his controversial private life by senior party officials.

On Sunday, he dismissed claims on Twitter that he was in Ms Marney's company when he appeared on television in mid-October as "rubbish". When informed that one of her messages were racist, she replied by saying "so what?"

She said: "The opinions I expressed were deliberately exaggerated in order to make a point and have, to an extent, been taken out of context".

THE glamour model girlfriend of Ukip's chief was last night accused of sending a series of racist tweets about Meghan Markle.

If he is ousted then the party will have to elect its fifth leader in just 18 months. "Yet I fully recognise the offence they have caused", she said.

Ms Marney also disclosed that she would never have sex with "a negro" because they are "ugly".

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