United Kingdom football coach repeatedly raped youth, court told

United Kingdom football coach repeatedly raped youth, court told

The 63-year-old denies a total of 48 child sex offences and is observing court proceedings via a video link.

The alleged offences took place between 1979 and 1991.

Once again he alleged Follow Me would initiate sexual activity and Bennell would allegedly often end up in bed in the middle of two boys. Bennell would pick up the 11-year-old boy from his home to take him to training, but on some occasions he would sexually assault him.

The player said he was abused "tens of tens if not 100" times by Bennell mainly in his fl at above a video shop.

Unsworth made a decision to come forward after seeing the former Crewe Alexandra player Andy Woodward on television in the week after he had told the Guardian about being abused by Bennell.

Mr Unsworth said: "I can recall one time being in a dormitory which was full of bunk beds and somebody waking up with a sheep's or ram's head on their bunk bed or actually in their sleeping bag". 'I was just crying, the pain. "It felt like it went on for hours but it was probably two or three minutes".

The jury heard how Mr Bennell would allegedly turn the lights off and play loud music - including songs by Billy Joel and the Steve Miller Band - before abusing the boys.

He said he had contacted police in 2016 after seeing former footballers speak about allegations of abuse.

He added: "You knew but you didn't say anything".

He said: "This is not about compensation, this is about justice".

Ms Laws put it to the complainant: 'I am going to suggest that you were not sexually abused at all by Barry Bennell, do you agree or disagree?'

Mr Bennell is on trial for 35 counts of indecent assault, 11 serious sexual assaults and two counts of attempted sexual assault, on boys aged between eight and 14.

A transcript of a police interview with Mr Bennell in February a year ago was read to the court, which included a denial that he had abused Mr Unsworth.

Eventually, he said, it led to him giving up football but he stayed quiet as a child because he was so desperate to make it as a professional.

He did admit that the youth footballer had stayed at his house and slept in his bed, but said he would have been too young for him to be attracted to.

On the third day of the trial at Liverpool crown court, the same complainant told the jury that Bennell's house in the Peak District - described by Bennell as "a kids' paradise" - had a pool table, a fruit machine, a jukebox and was filled with sports equipment, but said there was excrement everywhere from dogs.

Bennell has admitted seven of the charges, while he's denied a further 48 which include indecent and sexual assault.

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