"We're Doing Our Best" To Revive Prince Of Persia, Says Creator

However, the game's original creator, Jordan Mechner, has hinted that he's now trying to convince Ubisoft to raise the prince from his slumber.

Model and TV host Chrissy Teigen posted on Twitter about how she enjoyed Prince Of Persia and wondered if the franchise would ever come back.

Although Prince of Persia was an extremely favored and well-known franchise at one point in time, the series' popularity dwindled, particularly during the last generation of consoles. Mechner saw the tweet and responded himself, saying that other fans have asked similar questions and that he's trying his best to make it happen. We're doing our best to make it happen!' he said.

Jordan Mechner developed the very first Prince Of Persia title in 1989 and has helped with a number of games in the franchise even after Ubisoft acquired the publishing rights.

Considering Assassin's Creed has its roots in Prince of Persia, it's definitely time for the former to retire for a few years.

There might be a slight chance that we see a revival of the once extremely popular action-adventure series from the PS3/Xbox 360 era, Prince of Persia. Until now! Rumors have been circulating that a new Prince of Persia game might be in the works. Most of the games normally tend to have the same storyline where both Assassins and the Templars search for the Apple of Eden.

Do you think Mechner will be able to revive the Prince Of Persia franchise?

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