$560M Powerball victor losing $14K a day in interest

$560M Powerball victor losing $14K a day in interest

NASHUA - The mystery woman in possession of the winning $560 million Powerball ticket purchased last month in Merrimack is highly stressed and is preparing to have security guards in place should her name be revealed, according to her lawyers.

Charles McIntyre, executive director of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, said the commission wants to work with the victor and is prepared to allow the funds to be assigned to a trust and transferred.

The victor could have remained anonymous had the ticket been signed in the name of a trust, but Jane Doe was not aware she could do that before she wrote her own name. The woman hasn't turned in her ticket yet.

Conforti said the ticket is a public document, and the commission believes that it is best to be transparent with the lottery process so that the public can see that winners are not connected to the lottery or the state, or that winners are not in clusters or related.

For nearly two hours Tuesday, Judge Charles Temple of the Hillsborough County Superior Court heard arguments in the case, which has made headlines around the world for the eye-popping size of the prize and for an "if only" twist in Jane Doe's plight.

Her lawyers want a do-over.

A woman who says she's now a millionaire will fight to keep her anonymity Tuesday in a court in New Hampshire.

The filing says she has set up a trust and plans to contribute a portion of her winnings to charity.

"Time is of the essence in this matter", said the attorney, Steven Gordon, who is representing the victor known as Jane Doe in court documents. If that is not possible, she is hoping to white out her name and other information and replace it with the name of a trust.

The New Hampshire Lottery Commissionrequires that lottery winners write their name, address, and telephone number on the back of the lucky ticket.

"It is our biggest win ever", he said of New Hampshire, adding that while he is not downplaying the woman's desire for privacy, she now has no financial worries - ever.

The lawsuit describes the woman as an "engaged community member" who wants to return to Reeds Ferry Market, attend public events and otherwise function "without being known or targeted as the victor of a half-billion dollars". Announcing her name could lead to safety issues for her. Ms. Doe would like to continue to have the freedom to go grocery shopping without being known as the victor of a half billion dollars.

'She intends to contribute a portion of her winnings to a charitable foundation so that they may do good in the world.

The Powerball victor has not cashed in her ticket while the legal battle to maintain her anonymity rages.

The winning ticket, when presented to the commission, will be considered a public document, the commission's lawyers note.

Powerball results for 01/06/18; who won the $559M jackpot? The store will receive $75,000 for selling the ticket to the eighth largest lottery jackpot in the U.S.

The winning Powerball numbers drawn on January 6 were 12-29-30-33-61 and Powerball 26.

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