Assassin's Creed Origins' Combat-Free Educational Mode Will Include 75 Guided Tours

Assassin's Creed Origins' Combat-Free Educational Mode Will Include 75 Guided Tours

When developers first started working on the project tours were as long as an hour, which isn't feasible in a classroom setting. As well as a plethora of DLC that'll be released throughout 2018 that'll offer new quests and areas to explore, Ubisoft announced Discovery Tour, a new educational game mode. In its annual report, Ubisoft stated it's now firm in its intentions to move away from annualized releases, in favor of long-term services. Discovery Tour removes numerous elements of the main game (storyline, quests and combat mainly) and replaces them with a range of factual tours that'll take you all over Ancient Egypt. Fans can find out how to get them when the new mode arrives on February 20.

Though it has some negative associations, it's not hard to understand why Ubisoft is interested in the service model - it's more financially rewarding. Because of both this and its live operations strategies, the studio notes that Assassin's Creed Origins is on track to sell twice as many copies as the previous title in the series and has already seen better season pass attach rates. It's a pretty significant difference, too - a traditional game will only hold 13% of its original revenue while the service game will hold an incredible 52%. Now video games can still be profitable many years after they have come out.

It creates an opportunity for anyone to actually bridge back to more formal media and create discussions, for example being a critic about the way we create history, the way we reconstitute that in the game. With a million active monthly players, it's also ended up as the fifth most-played game on game-streaming site Twitch as well. "As a result, Ubisoft is perfectly positioned to reach its targets for fiscal 2017-18 and 2018-19".

However, it could mean they hang around for longer, just in a different way. This is why we've seen lots of updates to games like Rainbow Six Siege, Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Division just to name a few.

With all its major downloadable content launching in the next couple of months, it remains unknown what other plans Ubisoft has for Origins. Likewise, why should it release a sequel to For Honor when that game is still raking it in from microtransactions?

Also during the presentation, Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez was asked for his reaction to the controversy and discussion around loot boxes in gaming today. Ubisoft has a real challenge on its hands making its games seem more worthy of extended time commitments than its competitors. It aims to enhance learning, while also keeping lore nerds happy by adding behind-the-scenes Assassin's Creed Origins scenes in the tours. The team worked with a range of experts, from historians to Egyptologists to weapons experts to make sure that every aspect of the game as is accurate as can be.

Increasing "players' recurring investment" is increasingly key to Ubisoft's profit margins.

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