Comcast May Revisit Bid to Buy 21st Century Fox

Comcast May Revisit Bid to Buy 21st Century Fox

Comcast Corp. may revive its effort to acquire 21st Century Fox after the entertainment giant turned down its original bid in favor of Walt Disney Co., the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. Comcast's bid was reportedly higher, in the low $60 billion range, but according to the Journal, it was rejected by Fox amid concerns that such a deal could face antitrust issues.

Fox accepted $52.4 billion deal with Disney in December, which included the 20th Century Fox movie and TV studio, all the worldwide pay TV properties including the stake in BSkyB as well as a number of other assets.

The report, based on sources close to the matter, comes as Disney works to complete a $66.1 billion acquisition of part of Rupert Murdoch's empire.

The Murdoch family, which controls Fox, preferred a deal with Disney because it would rather be paid in Disney than Comcast stock, and expects a potential deal with Disney to be cleared by USA antitrust regulators more easily, sources told Reuters in December.

It said Comcast would be willing to offer Fox guarantees, including withdrawing certain assets such as local sports channels to avoid too heavy a concentration in television, to ensure the United States government approves the deal. Comcast, Disney and Fox gave no immediate comment.

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