Duterte slammed over shoot in the genitals remark

Duterte slammed over shoot in the genitals remark

"I have been saying again and again, do not take the President literally but take him seriously", Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, Jr. told the media.

Roque insisted that protecting women's rights for their welfare is a priority of the President.

Duterte, in remarks last week to a crowd that included about 200 former rebels, suggested his soldiers be given new orders from "the mayor". We won't kill you.

Mr Duterte, who took over in 2006, has a history of controversial remarks, including calling Barack Obama "son of a whore" and bragging about killing people when he served as mayor of the city of Davao.

In the official transcript's translation, the word "vagina" was omitted. Furthermore, according to him, Duterte was just angry that communist rebels betrayed his trust by abandoning the government's peace process.

He has several times joked about rape, upsetting activists and previous year prompting Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former USA president Bill Clinton and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to call him "a murderous thug with no regard for human rights".

Gabriela in a statement labeled Duterte as "the most risky macho-fascist in government" as this remark "openly encourages violence against women and contributes to impunity on such". Human Rights Watch said Duterte's remark, is the latest of "series of misogynist, derogatory and demeaning statements about women".

Roque said Duterte welcomed the ICC move, pointing out the president "is sick and exhausted of being accused" of the alleged extra judicial killings from the brutal war on drugs totalling about 7,000, a figure which has yet to be confirmed.

Roque said that the Philippine mission in The Hague was informed by the ICC's prosecutor office that the court is "opening preliminary investigation on the alleged acts associated in the campaign against illegal drugs covering the period of July 2016". I mean, that's amusing.

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