Dynasty Warriors 9 Update 1.03 Improves PS4 Framerate

Dynasty Warriors 9 Update 1.03 Improves PS4 Framerate

It has proven to be a rather divisive entry, with the community being torn about the many new features it brings to the table.

As mentioned in our review, the title suffers from a multitude of technical problems, from minor bugs and graphical glitches to broken quests and - perhaps most notably - a hugely inconsistent frame rate.

- Added "Graphics" settings that enable the frame rate to be stabilized on systems other than a PlayStation 4 Pro console.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Update 1.03: Framerate Improvements For PS4
Dynasty Warriors 9's Update Ver. 1.03 Adds Framerate Improvement And Stabilization Option

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A massive bone of contention in the latest musou from Omega Force, Dynasty Warriors 9, is the framerate.

The publisher has just released a new patch for the PS4 version and when fans asked whether the PC version would receive any performance patch, KOEI Tecmo replied that it is now looking into the PC performance issues. Stay away from large crowds in the comments section below.

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