Snapchat faces backlash after app redesign

Snapchat faces backlash after app redesign

A petition on calling for Snapchat to revert its app to the way it was before the update has garnered almost 850,000 signatures, with signers calling the update "unnecessary", "horrible" and "some bulls-t".

Snapchat is finally giving its most popular users data about their posts and followers - data that could help them make more money from brands that want to work with them on partnership deals.

It continued: 'Separating social from media has allowed us to build the best way to communicate with friends and the best way to watch great content, while addressing numerous problems that plague the Internet today'.

You probably know this already, but Snapchat has released an update - much to the dismay of some of its users. The app's long-awaited redesign recently began rolling out more widely and it's proved to be wildly unpopular - earning more than 171,000 1-star reviews in the App Store over the last month, according to App Annie. Users can't find what they're looking for and although the update was created to make the app easier to navigate, users complain that it achieved quite the contrary. Similar to the iPhone's "Find My Friends", Snap Maps allows Snapchat users to see where their friends are and view their stories.

Snap, for its part, says this is intentional.

Chats and Stories from your friends can be accessed by swiping right, while Stories from "publishers, creators and the community" can be viewed on Discover by swiping to the left.

Have you tried the updated app? It also will not show users' locations through their Actionmojis. Influential users like Kylie Jenner, Chrissy Teigen, and MKBHD have all expressed frustration with the new design. Nick Cicero, CEO of analytics company Delmondo, says he's seen an increase in engagement for both Discover publishers and verified accounts since the redesign. It is hoped that the Insights tool helps appease them.

While YouTube and Facebook have actively courted online creators, Internet personalities and other public figures to their platforms, Snapchat long did little to encourage those users to build audiences on its app.

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