Sports organizations speak out against sports betting legislation

Sports organizations speak out against sports betting legislation

"Today's action by the House of Delegates was an improvement over the bill that passed the Senate last week".

Then, Del. Greg Habeeb, R-Salem, quickly began urging his caucus to call for another vote to let Republicans change their votes to support the amendment. David Toscano aims to make sure that electric utilities can not effectively charge customers twice for some capital spending.

RICHMOND-Is it a "double dip" or not? The GOP maintains a 51-49 majority, but the utility regulation bill is so controversial that opposition crosses party lines. After it passed, Republicans asked for a revote and the amendment passed 96-1.

The Senate Health and Human Resources Committee on Tuesday sent the bill to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Despite having amended the bill the day before, Toscano voted against it on Tuesday. Dominion has said that such "double dipping" wasn't in the bill, but regulators, the attorney general's office and others said it was. This bill also cuts a refund check for Virginia's ratepayers that is just pennies on the dollar in comparison to what the utility has overcharged as estimated by the State Corporation Commission (SCC). "I am hopeful that these problems will be fixed during the next step of this process", he said.

As a result, those regions have benefited noticeably better than other parts of the state in the past five years, said Hanger, who is co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. But Dominion and Northam had contended that double-dipping already wasn't allowed in the Senate version. But the costs never materialized and the Trump administration has killed the CPP. If it rules against the states, West Virginia would not be able to enact it.

Spillane said leagues are responsible for overseeing sports betting.

The move is a major victory for Virginia's large freshman class of Democratic legislators, many of whom campaigned against Dominion in their races and refused to take campaign contributions from them.

The General Assembly is now halfway through the 2018 legislative session and both sides are highlighting legislative victories. The House amendment merely clarified that point.

In a change of tone from its earlier testimony during similar efforts in NY, the National Basketball Association (NBA) also denounced the bill in a written statement, saying: "We appreciate the Legislature's work on the subject of legalized sports betting; however, we do not believe the bill now under consideration will achieve the critical goals of protecting consumers and the integrity of our league".

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