Who Is Louise Linton and Why People Slam Her Over Pantless Photo?

Who Is Louise Linton and Why People Slam Her Over Pantless Photo?

"In an interview for the March issue of Elle Magazine, the still relatively new wife of Steven Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs banker turned hedge fund manager and movie producer who past year became Donald Trump's treasury secretary, said she was feeling particularly "regular" when she went on a condescending rant against an Instagram user who said Linton's late August post of an official trip with her husband was "#deplorable". Linton's interview with the magazine in which she tries to rehab her image and prove that she is totally relatable doesn't help either.

'I just didn't bother taking the gloves off because it was kind of cold in the bureau, ' she said.

They're absolutely roasting her on Twitter for the tone deaf image, with one person described as "Marie Antoinette without trousers".

If this was Louise's attempt at rehabbing her image, it definitely didn't work. Linton admits she's not into politics, but her exposure to the Trump administration has been positive - she even gives a shout-out to Ivanka Trump's shoe line: "They're incredible". "I need to play that role; I need to be more elegant; I need to be more stylish", she said. "She loves gadgets and has a bird feeder in the backyard".

"I'm just a regular girl, and I'm not flawless, but I'm trying my best", she says in the magazine.

"I look at awesome fashion icons like Jackie O and I'm like, Why can't I wear gloves?" she told the magazine for the profile, which includes a photo spread of Linton wearing a white cashmere sweater and no trousers.

Linton also told Elle she's "super duper" sorry for her various public missteps since marrying Mnuchin. Why is she sorry?

But that Linton's life now falls under the particularly harsh microscope of Washington just because of who she married, perhaps shouldn't disqualify her as being able to live the posh life she has become adapted to.

'She has a huge heart, is sensitive deeply compassionate, and kind. Yeah, that story started unraveling fast.

'I wasn't thinking about who I am, ' Linton said. Oops! She apologized and took the book out of circulation.

Where Linton really went wrong, in August, was when she blasted a lengthy condescending response to an OR mother of three who had said of the photo: "glad we could pay for your little getaway #deplorable".

However, Linton's antics on Instagram - along with the gloved photo of she and the treasury secretary holding up brand new cash - have led to comparisons to Darth Vader, Marie Antoinette, Cruella de Vil, or a new Bond villain.

Louise Linton in exchange for Princess Meghan was not a fair trade, Britain.

Kentucky has the fifth-highest poverty rate in the country, CNN had noted in its coverage of Linton's antics, while estimating the cost of Linton's photo outfit in the tens of thousands of dollars. "Was going to curl up with a cup of tea and read that article about Louise Linton but chose to rip out my eyeballs and eat them instead", reads another comment. "Everyone loves puppy photos!"

I don't know for SURE but I really get the feeling I'm not the only one in this yoga class meditating on the idea of throwing raw chicken cutlets at Louise Linton.

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