Year-old kindergarten student dies, health officials confirm she had the flu

Year-old kindergarten student dies, health officials confirm she had the flu

The girl was identified as a kindergarten student at the Lincoln School in North Bergen.

Health officials last month said a 4-year-old girl in central New Jersey was the state's first flu-related death this season. Dr. George Solter announced Monday that a student had died.

The district didn't shed light on the circumstances surrounding the kindergartener's death, only calling it a "sad day in the North Bergen School District".

The little girl was a student at North Bergen Schools, which says all elementary school students with a signed permission slip will get a flu shot in school Thursday, and high schoolers will get the shot next Tuesday. Solter added that the North Bergen BOE is working with the North Bergen Health Department in providing free flu vaccines to students.

Though the press release mentions "flu-like symptoms", according to town spokesman Juan Escobar, the town couldn't immediately confirm the student died from the flu.

He also urged parents to keep sick children home from school if they had flu-related symptoms and that the school was taking cleaning and disinfectant precautions to prevent the virus from spreading.

According to our affiliate WABC, Nevaeh Hernandez of North Bergen, NJ is the second pediatric death from the flu this season in the state. While the district hasn't said the child definitely had the flu, Prevenzano says there are too many illnesses going around to send her own daughter back so soon.

The CDC is now reporting this to be the worst influenza season in 15 years.

Only 1 out of every 5 of them had been vaccinated.

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