Apple and Ito World Strike Bike Sharing Data Deal

Apple and Ito World Strike Bike Sharing Data Deal

Still, it's a step up over what information Apple Maps did offer in the past and is likely to be useful for casual bike-share users who are in the Apple universe and want quick information on bike services offered in different cities. For instance, the two shared bikes I see most in my San Francisco neighborhood are Ford Go Bikes and Jump bikes, but Apple Maps lists only Ford Go Bike locations.

The company has partnered with Ito World (a data company specialising in global transportation challenges) to integrate the data into Apple Maps.

As TechCrunch notes Apple Maps doesn't show bike availability or empty spots for now, but hopefully that will come soon. This information could eventually be added, but for now, the bike sharing services' dedicated apps will be necessary. Apple Maps has been updated to include data from Ito World, which means it now knows where stations are for 176 bike share systems in 179 cities around the world.

Also, as TechCrunch reports, the new feature doesn't actually tell you whether there are any bikes available. But if all you need is to know if there are bike sharing stations nearby, Apple Maps covers the basics.

Do you use bike-sharing services to get around new cities?

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