Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue Steps Away Due to Health Reasons

Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue Steps Away Due to Health Reasons

Their season hit yet another snag Monday, when the Cavaliers announced Coach Tyronn Lue would be leaving the team for an undetermined period of time to address the health issues that have plagued him virtually the entire season.

"When you watch both Giannis and you watch Bron on the floor, I tell you, you can't [look away] - you have to be focused at all times because Bron is a special, special player". Associate head coach, Larry Drew, will fill Lue's position in his absence.

Much of the focus was on Love returning but by the end of the night, we were once again marvelling at the greatness of LeBron as he put on another masterclass. "Anybody else has complications health-wise they're able to take time off from work, so he should be able to do the same". The coach also said that he wants to focus on his health so he can coach his team for the rest of the season in good health. So I'm not surprised by it at all.

"Its weird", Love said following Monday night's game.

Following back-to-back home games against the Toronto Raptors and the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday and Friday, the Cavs embark on a three-game road trip to face the Nets in Brooklyn on Sunday, before taking on the Miami Heath on March 27 and the Charlotte Hornets a day later. Lue isn't even sure of the exact nature of his ailment despite undergoing a battery of tests, and his condition and accompanying sleep deprivation have been worsening as the season has progressed.

"What that guy does never ceases to amaze me", Drew said.

"I thought Jordan was playing well, being aggressive, so we made a decision to stay with him", Drew said.

"Everything that's been going on with our year, it's just another one". They entered the season with injuries. He said the team's coaches and players would have to rise to the occasion in Lue's absence. We have coaches in place that's ready for that challenge and we have to do our job as players as well. "So, if they didn't have an experienced coach like Larry Drew ready to step in, I would be more concerned from the basketball point", Pluto says. We always keep a little pad right next to our bed because you lay there and you get these things going through your mind with plays, you probably wake up and you jot 'em down. "I hope Ty's taking care of himself". But the most remarkable thing about all of the chaos and drama that's engulfed the Cavaliers this season is that James hasn't missed a moment of it.

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