Colts' potential trade with Bills becomes even more interesting

Colts' potential trade with Bills becomes even more interesting

Thus, they traded o tackle Cordy Glenn to the Cincinnati Bengals and in exchange, swapped one of their first-round picks.

Only time will tell when it comes to what Buffalo will end up doing with the pick since the draft is right around the corner during the end of April, but at least Monday's trade to move up in the first round changes their approach with a better chance to land certain players. After acquiring a third-round pick to replace the one the team sent away in the Kelvin Benjamin trade, it looks like the team wants to make a trade to the top of the draft to get one of the top prospects this year.

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams is putting off retirement to return for a 13th season in Buffalo. While wresting the No. 1 spot from the Cleveland Browns isn't realistic, given the Browns' likelihood of also taking a quarterback early, they could make a move for Cleveland's No. 4 selection.

However, it appears the team is loading up to take a quarterback in a strong 2018 NFL Draft class. With the second overall pick and an aging Eli Manning, it will be interesting to see if the Giants use this pick to draft his successor. That would allow the Bills to jump the quarterback-needy New York Jets, who will select at No. 6.

The Buffalo Bills' strategy of stockpiling draft picks and moving around in the 2018 National Football League draft may be building up to a larger plan for the team.

The Denver Broncos own the fifth overall selection in this year's draft, so they are certainly in play to potentially trade down with Buffalo.

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