Ellen's Audience Goes Wild for John Oliver's Gay Bunny Book

Ellen's Audience Goes Wild for John Oliver's Gay Bunny Book

At the weekend comedian John Oliver announced a parody of Mike Pence's newly released children's book - and now it's outperforming the original.

Books like the one penned by Twiss for Last Week Tonight can help children gain a better understanding and acceptance of others, or, should they discover as they grow up that they are themselves LGBTQ, to better understand and accept themselves.

The "Last Week Tonight" host released his bunny tale on Sunday, a day before Pence's release - to directly compete with the VP - and, let's be honest, to troll the hell out of his conservative views on LGBT rights.

Oliver, 40, made it clear he wasn't a huge fan of Pence, 58, and his extreme views as he chatted to DeGeneres about his parody release "A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo", which tells the tale of the US politician's pet rabbit falling in love and getting married to another male rabbit.

BTW, the OG Marlon doesn't seem upset about the competition or the gay plot twist in Oliver's book.

"I think imitation is the most honest form of flattery in a way", she said.

John Oliver Takes Swipe At Mike Pence, Opens Up About 'Marlon Bundo' Parody Book On 'Ellen'
John Oliver's gay rabbit Marlon Bundo book beats Mike Pence's

The second daughter said she and her mother, who provided the illustrations, chose to create the book to help people to understand what the vice president's daily job looks like - something they didn't fully understand until they were living it.

The sexuality of the rabbit in Oliver's book is a direct affront to Pence, who has a history of backing policies that don't support LGBTQ interests. "T$3 his story isn't going to be about him because he isn't very fun", Bundo says in Oliver's book.

Pence's book is no longer on the list.

Dedicated to "every bunny who has ever felt different", the audiobook version is voiced by LGBT+ actors Jim Parsons and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The Pence family book was published by Regenery Kids.

In a statement to CNN, a spokesman for Regnery Publishing, which issued the Pences' book, said: "It's unfortunate that anyone would feel the need to ridicule an educational children's book and turn it into something controversial and partisan". His name is Mike Pence. "Our and Mrs. and Charlotte Pence's goal is-and will continue to be-to educate young readers about the important role of the vice president, as well as to highlight the charities to which portions of the book proceeds will be donated". Stink bugs are temporary.

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