Fred Meyer plans to phase out selling firearms

Fred Meyer plans to phase out selling firearms

Fred Meyer announced Friday that the company has made a decision to phase out the sales of Firearms and ammunition.

Kroger also is going to stop selling magazines about assault rifles, a spokeswoman for the grocery chain said on Friday. It was referring to the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida where a troubled teenager killed 17 people there, mostly children.

About two weeks ago Fred Meyer's parent corporation, Kroger, announced plans to increase its minimum age for purchasing guns and ammunition from 18 to 21.

In the Treasure Valley, only the Meridian store at 1850 E. Fairview Ave. sells both guns and ammunition.

Fred Meyer reported Friday that the firearms category represents about $7 million annually of Fred Meyer's revenue, and sales continue to decline. The company sells weapons and ammunition at 45 Fred Meyer stores in four western states, including OR and Washington.

With different stores making the decision to no longer sell modern sporting rifles or sell them to people under the age of 21, Kroger is taking the extra step to no longer sell magazines that feature "assault rifles".

The Portland, Oregon-based chain "has made a business decision to exit the firearms category", the statement said. The company said Thursday that it would "no longer accept any special-orders of these weapons in Alaska".

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