Google ban ads promoting cryptocurrency, initial coin offering in June

Google ban ads promoting cryptocurrency, initial coin offering in June

According to Google, it added 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies in 2017 to combat new threats and improve the advertising experience online. The firm said it paid publishers $12.6 billion in the year under review. This is because they are using new technology to remove more bad ads and sites. Google said it took specific actions against violating adverts involved in scraping; tabloid cloaking; malicious activity; malware and trick to click formats.

Along with its accelerated push against misleading content, Google pulled 79 million advertisements previous year that lured clickers to websites with malware. Additionally, it removed 48m ads that were attempting to get users to install unwanted software. Google is also accelerating a push against misleading content. In order for this ads-supported, free web to work for everyone, it needs to be a safe and effective place to learn, create and advertise.

Google took down more than 3.2bn "bad ads" past year in an effort to prevent its enormous advertising network from being used for nefarious purposes, up from the 1.7bn it removed in 2016.

According to her, this new technology has been critical in helping to scale enforcement for policies that prohibit monetization of inappropriate and controversial content.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market value, pared an advance of about 2 per cent after Google's announcement, trading little changed at $9,099 as of 1:04 PM in Hong Kong.

Last year's bad ad total was 1.7bn which, presumably, means that Google is doing more or the scammers are getting worse.

Folllowing Facebook in the banning of all ads promoting financial products and services tied to cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings, Google has said that it will ban ads for unregulated or speculative financial products like binary options, cryptocurrency and financial spread betting among others.

As Google implement these new changes, the Google ad's network becomes a lot safer, resulting in websites and blogs not having to worry about the ads that appear via Google's Adsense program.

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