Jhene Aiko Responds to Big Sean Cheating Rumors

Jhene Aiko Responds to Big Sean Cheating Rumors

Besides sparking interest whenever a new detail is revealed about their relationship, they are also one of the few couples in the genre who have actually created music as a group, with their Twenty88 project from 2016. However, Jhene made it a point to refute the rumors on Twitter, writing, "Sorry, but nothing about you guy's fan fiction stories are true... I still love you tho", she wrote.

Big Sean did not immediately respond to the controversy.

In addition to that, TheShaderoom caught Jhene unfollowing Sean on Instagram in a since-deleted post, but has since followed him back.

29-year-old Big Sean was reportedly seen at an Oscar Awards after-party with 39-year-old Scherzinger, and the two were too close for comfort. The Double or Nothing MC and his girlfriend, singer Jhene Aiko, took to Twitter to deny the rumors. Jhene reportedly confronted her man about it, and Sean "didn't really deny it", the blog added.

Twitter has a habit of believing wild rumors just because they're trending, and Monday night was no exception. The alleged infidelity was made all the more tragic since Aiko got Big Sean's face tattooed onto her arm a year ago.

"I saw a negative spirited tweet about myself, with lots of retweets and likes. based on one QUOTE from a FULL interview that was about ONE MOMENT in my life in which i did nothing but go to a basketball game lol. this quote has turned into gossip because of speculation", she tweeted.

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