Liberals win SA election for first time in 16 years

Liberals win SA election for first time in 16 years

Mr Xenophon would not rule out legal action against the group and said he also meant to pursue proceedings against incoming Liberal premier Steven Marshall over claims SA-BEST had done a deal with Labor.

South Australians are heading to the polls in an election widely regarded as the most unpredictable in the state's history, with a record number of early votes meaning a result may not be clear until next week.

Mr Weatherill said that he called Mr Marshall, according to The Guardian.

A "bruised" Nick Xenophon has put his spectacular failure to claim any seats in the South Australian lower house on election night down to the influence of the pokies lobby.

Support continues to slip for SA Best, according to The Australian's Newspoll, with the fledgling political party on 17 per cent, compared with the 32 per cent support it recorded late past year.

"It is a tough job but I tell you what, I'm really looking forward to it".

He also hopes to have enough of his colleagues elected to hold the balance of power in the SA parliament.

"We specifically asked them to give us a majority government because we know that a majority government will be able to drive the reform agenda that we so desperately need here in South Australia", he said.

'Now, I'm so sorry that we couldn't bring home another one to you.

That was well down on the 45 per cent the Liberals won in 2014 but most of what it lost went to Nick Xenophon's SA-BEST candidates and flowed back by way of preferences.

Mr Marshall applauded Mr Tarzia's efforts in fending off the unexpected incursion of Mr Xenophon. Did he throw in the towel?

Mr Marshall also thanked former prime minister John Howard, who supported and mentored him after the 2014 loss.

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