PAOK chairman Ivan Savvidis marches onto the pitch carrying

PAOK chairman Ivan Savvidis marches onto the pitch carrying

Savvidis marched on to the pitch, following a disallowed PAOK goal in the 89th minute, and images showed him carrying a gun in a hip holster.

The Georgian-born 58-year-old has since apologised but his actions could force FIFA to suspend the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF).

Fifa said Greece could be suspended from world football if its national governing body fails to take "proper actions by the competent bodies to eradicate all sorts of violence in order to guarantee the smooth running of the national competitions".

Issuing a statement on the PAOK website, the former member of the Russian parliament declared he did NOT threaten anybody. "What happened in Greek football to be very polite is unacceptable", Huebel said after meeting Deputy Culture and Sport minister Georgios Vassiliadis and federation officials, adding his report to FIFA and UEFA would not be positive.

The president of PAOK Salonika who is reportedly on the run from local authorities has spoken out after his incident with his firearm led to the suspension of the Greek Super League. "I clearly had no right to enter the field of play in this fashion", Savvidis said in a statement. My only aim was to protect tens of thousands of PAOK fans from provocation, riots and casualties. So maybe Savvidis is protecting PAOK fans after all, just not in the way he claimed.

"Believe me, I had no intention of interference with the opposing team or the referees".

"Unfortunately, both me and my family, as well as my colleagues, have been hostages of the totally ill soccer establishment".

"Despite attacks at all levels, I will continue to fight for fair soccer and honorable refereeing in all matches, so that games are won on the pitch and not in courtrooms", he said.

Savvidis' behaviour also provoked PAOK's suspension on Tuesday from the 230-member group of Europe's most influential clubs.

Savvidis is also at risk of sanctions from the disciplinary body of the Greek Superleague, while the European Club Association (ECA) has suspended the club with immediate effect.

The suspension will be in force "until further notice" as the ECA will consider the next steps in its upcoming general assembly, due to be held in Rome.

Controversy has marred Greek football over recent years.

Olympiakos boss Oscar Garcia was hit in the head with a roll of toilet paper, forcing the match to be abandoned.

PAOK were initially docked three points but overturned the decision on appeal.

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