Pop culture: Here's what happened when Bill Hader returned to host SNL

Pop culture: Here's what happened when Bill Hader returned to host SNL

"Barry" premieres Sunday, March 25th at 10:30pm on HBO. The show airs from 10:30 p.m.to midnight on NBC. One of his goals when joining Saturday Night Live back in '05, was to become a strong cast utility player like the sketch legend that Hader calls his hero, Phil Hartman.

If you've dug "Documentary Now!", his faux-docu-series for IFC; if you've swung your locks to the soft jams of Blue Jean Committee, his lite-rock duo with Fred Armisen; if you swooned over his turn for the tender in "The Skeleton Twins, " you too may be a Hader lover.

Hader couldn't return to SNL without bringing back everyone's favorite Weekend Update city correspondent, Stefon. John Mulaney, who cheated the character with Hader, popped in as Stefon's lawyer, and we also got an update on Stefon's relationship with Seth Meyers.

During Hader's monologue, he said he was in 210 SNL episodes as cast member and was nervous for every one of them.

Cooper, played by Alex Moffat, shifted to John Goodman as former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was still shaken up over his recent firing.

Hader and the band actually made a pair of promos, with the first making an easy joke out of how many people are in Arcade Fire.

The latest SNL, featuring guest host (and former cast member) Bill Hader, took breaks to a new level: Everyone laughed.

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