Toyota to unveil new RAV4 at New York Auto Show

Toyota to unveil new RAV4 at New York Auto Show

It has also formed the foundations for the all-new Corolla which was revealed at the Geneva show, now underway.

Beyond is first public viewing in NY later this month no official launch date has been slated but Toyota Australia confirmed the new model will launch locally in 2019. Last month, it sold almost 30,000 of them in the United States alone - well ahead of the 25,000 Corollas it moved over the same period (including both the sedan and the formerly Scion IM hatchback) and far outpacing the ~16,000 each of the Highlander and Tacoma in Toyota's truck-sales rankings.

Just say that no official information about the Toyota RAV4 new generation of the Japanese company not provided.

Design cues have noticeably been taken from last year's FT-AC concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

We expect Toyota to put a bigger emphasis than ever on the RAV4's hybrid variant, especially considering the current buzz around fuel efficiency and crossovers (you'd think that if people truly cared about economy, they wouldn't buy crossovers and SUVs, but there you have it).

The Toyota RAV4 isn't the most exciting auto in Toyota's arsenal, but it is still a huge seller despite it now, effectively, being a six year old model.

It is thought that it will be built on Toyota's new TGNA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform that underpins the C-HR, Prius and the new Auris, which was revealed at last week's Geneva Motor Show.

The upcoming New York International Auto Show always hosts its share of major new reveals. On the FT-AC concept, the aggressive RAV4 headlights meet a rugged, truck-like grille similar to the Tacoma TRD Pro.

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