North Yorkshire Primary School Places Revealed

North Yorkshire Primary School Places Revealed

ECC have confirmed they have been able to offer over 88 per cent of pupils their parent's first preference of school.

"The high numbers of families achieving one of their preferences is once again also due to the long term meticulous planning by our officers who ensure there are sufficient places across the county".

Today is primary school placement day as thousands of parents across the country find out where their children will be attending primary school.

Almost 99 per cent have been allocated one of their top three preferred places.

"This is very good news for North Yorkshire families", said Stuart Carlton, North Yorkshire County Council's Corporate Director of Children and Young People's Services.

Now under construction is a brand new £30 million high school, the first in the county for over 25 years, and a number of new primary schools.

If you applied online the information will be available on your local council's website and letters will be sent out to parents later on this week. But don't despair. If you lose, you can still put your child's name on the waiting list for your school of choice.

If your child has not been given a place at any school, you can contact your local council for schools with places. This will prevent them losing the place if the appeal is unsuccessful.

"The distilled advice from Mumsnet users is to: take a deep breath, see if you have grounds for appeal, double-check that you're on the waiting list for your preferred school, and don't forget to accept the place you have actually been offered (unless it's somewhere you're determined never to send your child)".

You can find out where your child is on a school's waiting list by logging into the local authority's school admission system.

You have until May to appeal your child's school place.

Accept the school place your child has been offered.

You may decide you wish to appeal the decision about your child's school.

When it comes to changing the system, just over half say that children should be offered their nearest school, but nearly a quarter say they are happy with the current process.

You must appeal against each rejection separately.

The bench also said that no one shall be removed or made to pay fees by changing their category and listed the matter for further hearing on May 22.

Within five school days, the panel will send you and the admission authority their decision.

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