Evidence of Planet Nine Possibly Found

Evidence of Planet Nine Possibly Found

In a very unexpected move, it seems that scientists might have finally found real evidence that the mysterious planet nine actually exists in the solar system.

The team called this object 2015 BP519, and its orbit around the sun is 35 to 862 times the radius of our planet's orbit around the sun.

Researchers say a distant rocky object could have been pushed into orbit by the gravitational power of another planet.

Professor David Gerdes, an astronomer at the University of MI and co-author on the paper, says the evidence makes it more likely that there is another planet in the solar system. They have actually discovered a Trans Neptunian item whose orbit might be substantially impacted by the presence of a ninth planet.

If you imagined the solar system as a flat, invisible tabletop with the Sun at the center, most of the other planets' orbits would stay on the tabletop's surface, while some would dip below and rise above it as they made their way around the Sun. So, in order to reach their unexpected conclusion, the team used some computer simulation of the solar system.

The researchers required performing digital simulations of our solar system for understanding as to how the discovered object happened to possess such freaky orbit.

As soon as scientists included homes proposed by scientists from Caltech thinking about a ninth planet, 2015 BP519's orbit matched almost precisely.

Not everyone is convinced with this theory, with some experts suggesting that there could be a gamut of reasons for objects like 2015 BP519 to be nudged into puzzling orbits, given how little we know about the early Solar System. However, the mere presence of this object and it unusual orbit might make this a very clear possibility.

Instead, astronomers have relied on tracking the movement of TNOs, which are balls of ice and dust that zoom around the outer edges of our solar system, outside the orbit of Neptune.

There's been a number of studies that have offered evidence for the existence of Planet Nine, but this new research provides one of the most persuasive arguments yet. In the year 2017, a statement from NASA had come up which said that there could be a ninth planet with a size probably bigger than the Earth having a mass ten times heavier than our planet.

The group from the Dark Energy Study state that 2015 BP519 is the most severe Trans-Neptunian Things discovered to this day in the paper.

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