Google Rolls Out AI-driven 'Google News' App For iPhone And iPad

Google Rolls Out AI-driven 'Google News' App For iPhone And iPad

At the Google I/O 2018 developer conference, the search giant introduced a new and revamped Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Google News app. Google also mentioned that the app will be rolled out to iOS users within a week.

Filtering the news manually seems like a mammoth task at times, so the AI element of Google News aims to learn from what you read to serve you a better content selection as time passes. The redesigned app replaces the previous Google Play Newsstand app. Using machine learning capabilities, the app helps analyze the headlines and puts stories about the same subject matter together into "newscasts". For me, this ranged from some political news to technology and sports. For instance, in "For You", Google will display stories of your interest, depending upon your activity and in "Favorites", one can pick selected topics and Google will come up with the top stories of that particular segment.

"Headlines" is more of an in-depth look at the latest news, covering all the usual topics from technology and politics to entertainment and science reporting. This feature means users will not exclusively be served a biased selection of news, but will expose everyone to the same stories. It works as you'd imagine, letting you mark out preferred topics, news sources and locations to filter your reads.

Lastly, there's Newsstand, this is a section where a user can subscribe to other media publications on a monthly or yearly based subscription.

Your briefing - It can be almost impossible to keep up with every story you care about. Your briefing updates throughout the day bringing you the top five stories you need to know, including local, national, and world content. Since Google News doesn't have an agenda, controversial stories are presented from all sides, and everyone receives the same "Full Coverage" on a certain story.

The plethora of news sites and media outlets co-existing online can be overwhelming for even the most engaged current affairs readers, but Google hopes its polished new News app will make things easier for users who want to keep up to date with what matters to them.

Google at the I/O event has specified that with this Google News app, a user can find quality content from a diverse set of credible publishers and can discover new genuine sources.

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