Instagram now shows users how much time they spend in the app

Instagram now shows users how much time they spend in the app

Code buried in Instagram's Android app revealed that a "Usage Insights" feature was built into the code that will allow people to see their "time spent" on the app. The new tool was discovered during an APK teardown, and shows the user the time spent on the app, though there aren't enough details to know the scope of the data provided.

Instagram is working on a new feature which will show you just how much time you're spending using the app. This feature is known as "Usage Insight" and is now hidden. That feature may show the user the total amount of time they spent on the service, though it could also be used for something else.

The social network's CEO Kevin Systrom, linking back to the original report from TechCrunch, confirmed in a series of tweets that the code Wong found is the groundwork for the Usage Insights feature. Understanding how time online impacts people is important, and it's the responsibility of all companies to be honest about this.

Last week at Google I/O, the company unveiled a Digital Wellbeing platform for Android P. This will make it easier for Android device owners to limit their smartphone usage, by setting restrictions.

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