Italy's 'moral candidate' Giuseppe Conte accused of lying about academic record

Italy's 'moral candidate' Giuseppe Conte accused of lying about academic record

A League official, however, said the reported questioning of Conte's candidacy was not completely accurate, without elaborating.

Italian media shops are scrutinizing the 12-page resume of College of Florence legislation professor Guiseppe Conte for indicators the person nominated by two rival events to be premier may had embellished his credentials. Other entries included time spent at an array of top universities in the United States, Britain and France, without specifying the courses or areas of research he undertook.

Conte included seven summers of studies at New York University and lecturing at the University of Malta in a 12-page resume covering the years since Guiseppe Conte earned his law degree from Rome's Sapienza University in 1988.

Tsai stated within the assertion: "Whereas Mr. Conte had no official standing at NYU, he was granted permission to conduct analysis within the NYU legislation library...and he invited an NYU legislation professor to serve on the board of an Italian legislation journal".

Five Star said in a statement that Conte in his CV "clearly wrote that he perfected and updated his studies at New York University".

The resume also says Conte studied at the International Kultur Institut in Vienna in 1993. "For a professor of his level, the opposite would have been odd", the movement said.

Cambridge declined to verify any affiliation, citing privateness, and the Sorbonne and New York College did not instantly reply to queries.

Italy's president summoned Giuseppe Conte for consultations Wednesday to see if the law professor tapped by the euroskeptic 5-Star Movement and League as their candidate for premier has what it takes to try to form a government.

The two populist blocs had proposed Conte as their compromise candidate to lead the government after more than two months of political deadlock.

Conte is no longer certain of endorsement by Luigi Di Maio of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement and Matteo Salvini of the anti-immigrant League, according to a Five Star official who declined to be named.

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