Japanese rail company forced to apologise after train leaves 25 seconds early

Japanese rail company forced to apologise after train leaves 25 seconds early

Japan's trains are world-famous for their punctuality, but that doesn't mean they always run with ideal precision.

The West Japan Railway Company's apology came after one of its express trains left the platform at Notogawa station in central Japan at 7:11:35 am, instead of the scheduled 7:12 am, on May 11.

Once again, a Japanese passenger train operator has apologised for the most grievous of mistakes: one of their services left the platform precisely 25 seconds early, which caused a single passenger to miss their ride.

The West Japan Railway Company, or JR West, later issued a formal apology via a press release on its website.

The train conductor misunderstood the departure time and closed the train doors ahead of schedule, according to the company's press release. However, there were several people waiting to board left behind, and one person reported the incident to JR West.

"We inconvenienced our customers very much, and we will strive to prevent this from occurring again", the statement said.

"The great inconvenience we placed upon our customers was truly inexcusable", West Japan Railways said in a statement.

However, it turned out there actually were a few people on the platform who'd been hoping to board the train, and when the conductor didn't notice them and made a decision to leave, they got left behind.

A similar incident occurred previous year, when Tsukuba Express management issued an apology after a train between Tokyo and Tsukuba left 20 seconds earlier than scheduled.

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