Local school districts to vote on budgets, school board seats today

Local school districts to vote on budgets, school board seats today

On Tuesday, May 15, both the Pennsylvania primary elections, as well as the New York State school budget and board member elections will take place.

Of those, about 48% of the districts have proposed raising taxes by ever dollar they can without breaking the tax cap, according to date from the State Education Department.

Under the law, school districts can not raise tax levies more than two percent unless they achieve a super majority approval from voters.

If a district meets certain financial criteria - which could be based on enrollment, cash balances, deficits or financial trends - the state's Distressed Unit Appeal Board could require it to follow a "corrective action plan".

Residents across the Hudson Valley are heading to the polls today to vote on school district budgets.

Disregarding opposition from teachers and local leaders, IN lawmakers overwhelmingly voted Monday to strip power from the Gary and Muncie school boards, potentially eliminate the Muncie teachers union and place the district under outside control - and exempt it from required annual performance reports. But, this time it is Muskegon Public Schools that must find a way to deal with a budget shortfall threatening the district's stability.

In the Troy City School District, voters will decide upon a $111,893,389 budget, with a tax levy of $36, 832,473. Last year a final agreement wasn't reached until after the school year had started. The school board requested the funding for five SROs previously paid for by the city.

"The school board might be within its rights to make requesters of large requests pay a fee for records even if they serve on the school board".

School board members are concerned that the expansion of ERES Academy by hundreds of students would negatively impact two nearby district-run public schools - International Community School and Think College Now, which are housed in the Cesar Chavez Education Center three blocks from the Derby Avenue site.

The district has to go to a contingency budget if voters reject a proposed budget a second time.

The district is also seeing a significant rise in its special education budget, which is up to $1.62 million from $1.56 million.

Polls are open from 7 a.m.to 9 p.m.at the Lansingburgh High School Gym Foyer, located at 320 7th Ave, Troy. and at the Speigletown Firehouse, located at 146 Speigletown Rd, Troy.

The Board will recognize Student Representative Juliet Stephenson, an Alhambra High School senior who is one of two students, along with Alan Kobylik, who has been named a Citizen of the Year by the Martinez Chamber of Commerce.

The district's state aid has increased by 3.32 percent, or about $465,000, while the local tax revenue will grow about approximately $14,000 with the tax hike. While county and school district boundaries don't always line up, the message still is clear.

Because of those potential cap-piercings, in those two districts the proposed budgets for 2018-19 must be OK'd by 60 percent of those voting to pass, rather than a simple majority.

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