Man Misses Flight, Attempts Breaking Into Plane On Tarmac, Gets Arrested

Man Misses Flight, Attempts Breaking Into Plane On Tarmac, Gets Arrested

The incident captured on video inside the terminal showed the man bashing and pulling frantically on the plane's door.


The man then started smoking inside the airport terminal and at about 9.30am he rushed to the nearest gate where he pushed past staff and ran onto the tarmac.

A passenger tried to rip open the door of a Jetstar plane after he was told his missed his flight Thursday morning.

The man was eventually restrained by baggage handlers and arrested by the police.

The flight was delayed at the least an hour as engineers look at the plane.

THIS is the terrifying second a "late" passenger ran onto the tarmac at an Australian Airport and tried to smash his method onto his aircraft.

"This man was trying to get up the stairs, he was physically fighting with the staff, punching and scratching them", said a witness.

Murray said the man was initially restrained by staff but managed to free himself and reached the door of the plane. "The federal police confirmed up 5 minutes later and walked him out".

In a similar incident in October past year, police used stun guns to detain a man who attempted to storm into a flight at Melbourne Airport.

According to witnesses, the man put up a fierce fight with the airport employees, two of whom were injured in the scuffle.

He has been banned from all Qantas and Jetstar flights for the time being, and he could be excluded from both airlines for life, depending on the upcoming police investigation. He was then arrested by police officers and charged with one count of unlawful assault.

It is understood that the baggage handlers sustain injuries during the encounter.

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