Merkel: It is not right cancelling "nuclear deal" with Iran now

Merkel: It is not right cancelling

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has acknowledged that the Iran nuclear deal "certainly has weaknesses" but says it should be preserved.

"This agreement is anything but flawless, but Iran complies, according to the IAEA, with its obligations under this deal".

Speaking at the lower house of parliament in Berlin, the chancellor recalled that the United Nations member-countries voted for that document, and it took years to agree on the deal. "This accord was unanimously approved by the UN Security Council, and therefore we - the UK, France, and Germany - as well as other European Union members along with us, believe that it is wrong to cancel this agreement in this situation", Merkel said during her speech in the German parliament.

The best way to address worldwide concern about Iran's role in the region and its ballistic missile programme is within the framework of the nuclear deal.

Von der Leyen said on Monday, however, that the increase outlined by her department would demonstrate to global partners that Germany remained committed to its collective security obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation framework. He said another agreement with Iran should be signed.

European powers this week vowed to keep the 2015 nuclear deal alive without the United States by trying to keep Iran's oil and investment flowing, but admitted they would struggle to provide the guarantees Tehran seeks.

On May 8, US President Donald Trump announced Washington's decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal as it, he argued, leaves Iran a possibility to create a nuclear bomb bypassing all the restrictions.

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