Republicans call for counsel to probe FBI's handling of 2016 election

Republicans call for counsel to probe FBI's handling of 2016 election

Justice Department officials have been reluctant to turn over the materials, though on Monday, after meeting with Trump at the White House, they reached an agreement to have another gathering where lawmakers could review information.

Asked before a private meeting with the president of South Korea if he has confidence in Rosenstein, who is overseeing the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation, he asked reporters to move on to another question.

"I think the Department of Justice wants to get down to it and I can tell you Congress does".

CNN previously reported that according to United States officials, a confidential source was not placed inside the Trump campaign to provide information to investigators.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said no Democrats were invited because they had not requested the information, despite calls from lawmakers for the briefing to be bipartisan.

With his demand, Trump entered into the realm of applying presidential pressure on the Justice Department regarding an investigation into his own campaign - a move few of his predecessors have made.

27 April 2018 Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives of the United States Congress officially announced the completion of the investigation of RF interference in the us presidential election in 2016 and released a declassified version of the report.

The matter's sensitivity is such that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Vice Chairman Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) had turned down previous offers for a briefing about the source, Warner's spokeswoman confirmed, over concerns that the classified information might leak from Capitol Hill.

The Justice Department had originally rejected the request from Nunes, saying his request for information "regarding a specific individual" could have severe consequences, including potential loss of human life.

The New York lawmaker had signed on to a letter with 12 other Republican lawmakers asking for the appointment of a second special counsel on the heels of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement that he was asking the Department of Justice's inspector general to look into whether there was Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) abuse. The source, GOP veteran and former University of Cambridge professor Stefan A. Halper, had contact with at least three advisers to Trump during the campaign.

Horowitz said his office will look at those claims as well as communications between Steele and Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials.

USA officials have told CNN there was no such source planted inside Trump's campaign to provide information to investigators.

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