The HTC Exodus is a blockchain-powered smartphone

The HTC Exodus is a blockchain-powered smartphone

Blockchain is a technology popularized alongside cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

The Exodus will support decentralized applications, called DApps, run on Android software and have a universal wallet for storing your digital currencies. While the Exodus phone maintains a crypto-connection, its important to understand the basics of blockchain outside of cryptocurrencies to see how revolutionary this device could be. Blockchain is supposed to be safer than current centralized record keeping, and many are touting it as the wave of the future. It's also decentralized, meaning that it's accessible by anyone and not corruptible by hackers. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are becoming big topics these days, with many anxious that the traditional currencies might be worthless in a few years.

How is that possible? If one copy is corrupted, the other copies can verify that there's something wrong.

With a Google Doc, however, all users can have simultaneous access to the file and can track the changes that are being made. CryptoCurrency? Well, HTC thinks there's a lot of interest in it, so much so they're developing a blockchain friendly smartphone. HTC also hopes to create a native blockchain network for all Exodus phones.

In theory, blockchain-powered phones will offer bumped up security and a better cryptocurrency user experience.

Details, including price, are now scant. Cryptocurrency is an incredibly niche and volatile technology, and basing an entire phone around it seems like something only diehard blockchain enthusiasts will take to.

We've already seen a couple of early adopters: the Sugar S11 Blockchain Creation Edition in January, and the Sirin Finney earlier this month. Mobile apps of cryptocurrency exchanges are driving phone makers to adopt blockchain.

These phones will act as nodes on the network and will enable trading of cryptocurrency among the Exodus users.

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