Trump warns North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members not meeting defense obligation to be "dealt with"

Trump warns North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members not meeting defense obligation to be

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg praised President Donald Trump on Thursday for pushing countries in the alliance to boost their defense spending, an issue that has driven a wedge between Trump and Europe before.

"Germany must demonstrate leadership in the alliance by addressing its longstanding shortfall in defense contributions".

Trump last week rebuffed opposition from European leaders and withdrew the USA from the 2015 global accord curbing Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Trump also grumbled about Germany "buying massive amounts of gas from Russian Federation and paying billions and billions of dollars". The issue of military investment, or lack of it among NATO's European members, has dominated Trump's agenda with allies.

Listing the countries which have "paid the number that they're supposed to be paying", Trump said that there were some who have not yet paid the amount expected of them.

Trump singled out Germany in particularly, saying the country "has not contributed what it should be contributing" to military spending. German officials have made clear they have no intention of spending 2% of their GDP on military, and argue that funds for foreign aid should count just as much.

Mr. Trump, as president-elect also called North Atlantic Treaty Organisation obsolete but backtracked on those comments after taking office, calling North Atlantic Treaty Organisation "no longer obsolete".

He did not elaborate what measures would be taken to ensure compliance.

"You have helped to do that because your leadership has been important and it has had great impact and we see that because all allies increased and add billions to the budget".

Germany, however, has indicated it will renege on that pledge, which is likely to emerge as a flashpoint when alliance leaders meet in July.

"You have helped to do that", Stoltenberg said.

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