Woman fired for putting laxatives in brownies for Saline work party

Woman fired for putting laxatives in brownies for Saline work party

A woman was sacked from MMI Engineered Solutions in Saline, Michigan, after she was caught putting laxatives into brownies she made for a departing colleague's send-off.

A MI worker flushed her career down the toilet by trying to serve laxative-spiked brownies to a co-worker, according to a new report.

And after initially denying that the perilous confections were tainted, the woman confessed once police warned they would test the brownies' contents, according to the newspaper. The woman won't be charged, in part because the brownies weren't eaten, but she has been fired by the Saline-based company.

It is not clear why the woman planned to poison her co-workers, however The Detroit News reports that the staff at MMI believe there was tension between the 47-year-old and the departing employee.

Colleagues say there was bad blood between the two workers, although the baking bandit denied she had any beef with her intended target, according to MLive.

The woman lost her job, but won't face charges in the incident because no one consumed the contaminated treats.

Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart says that the company intervened and took the brownies away before anyone could eat them.

". There's just so much going on in the world, to create a problem like this is unnecessary and it's criminal", he said.

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