'Zombieland 2,' With Original Cast, Targeted For 2019

'Zombieland 2,' With Original Cast, Targeted For 2019

"We made Zombieland with $20 million, so it's trying to fit that financial model into the sequel model so it makes sense for the studio and being able to pay the actors what they now get paid and deserve to paid".

In an interview with Vulture timed to the impending release of another sequel they penned, "Deadpool 2", writing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed that they're now hammering out the details to make "Zombieland 2" a reality - and it could have a very timely release date.

Next year is not only the tenth anniversary of the comedy hit Zombieland, but also the tenth anniversary of talking about Zombieland 2.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have become an in-demand screenwriting duo as of late.

"We're going on the tenth anniversary of Zombieland", said Wernick.

Almost everyone involved with 2009's hit zom-com Zombieland has become exponentially more famous since, so it's been understandable that it has taken so long for a sequel.

Wernick added that they will hopefully be able to share more news soon about the sequel, which will reportedly start shooting in early 2019. "We don't know what you get someone for their tenth anniversary, but it may be a Zombieland 2", Wernick said, in an interview with Vulture. There are just a lot of things happening behind the scenes that the writers weren't ready to reveal just yet.

While Woody Harrelson was already a big name before starring in Zombieland in 2009, his three young co-stars hadn't yet stolen the spotlight.

The original film starred Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin.

If a Zombieland sequel can actually happen next year, with all four original cast members on board, fans certainly have a reason to celebrate.

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"We're not letting it go".

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