Camille Cosby Is Preparing To Divorce Bill Cosby

Camille Cosby Is Preparing To Divorce Bill Cosby

It seems that the well has run so dry for washed up convicted comedian Bill Cosby, that reports are saying Camille Cosby is filing for divorce.

You know it's real when even Camille Cosby has had enough.

Cosby is not allowed to leave the state.

Radar Online reports Camille has moved out of the Pennsylvania mansion she shared with the Fat Albert creator and now lives in their MA hideaway while he awaits sentencing. Bill is left alone in Philly, as Camille also took the entire staff with her up north. Camille is now staying at the family's MA hideaway along with their three adult kids.

A Radar investigation can reveal Camille Cosby, 74, has sequestered herself in the couple's MA hideaway with their chef, multiple drivers, a house manager AND their three grown kids, who have not visited the 80-year-old monster in months, according to insiders. "They've been fighting and arguing since the verdict", stated an insider for Radar Online.

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