Daimler Allegedly Used 5 Defeat Devices In Diesel Cars

Daimler Allegedly Used 5 Defeat Devices In Diesel Cars

Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche was summoned Monday for crunch talks with Scheuer over emissions irregularities in the firm's vehicles.

The German government has ordered carmaker Daimler to immediately recall 238,000 vehicles equipped with software that turns off emissions controls under certain conditions.

Daimler has agreed to upgrade engine software in several models sold in Europe, Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer said, though they will not face fines or requirements for hardware fixes.

He added that the recall was ordered after "intensive and hours-long negotiations" with Daimler. The diesel Mercedes C-Class C220d and GLC 220d, as well as the Vito 119CDI, are said to be affected, with German authorities demanding the recall after "illegal switch-off devices" were detected.

Europe-wide some 774,000 vehicles are affected, the ministry said.

The ministry statement did not say whether those cars outside of Germany would be recalled.

2019 Mercedes C Class wagon facelift
German Regulator Found Defeat Devices In Daimler Diesel Cars

The manufacturer saw 11 of its sites in Germany raided by prosecutors in May 2017, with the searches said to be linked to investigations "against known and unknown employees at Daimler, who are suspected of fraud and misleading advertising connected to manipulated emissions treatment of diesel passenger cars".

Carmakers use software to manage exhaust emissions filtering and engine performance.

In a separate statement, Daimler confirmed the recall and said the question over the legality of the software would still need to be clarified. Daimler has previously clashed with the KBA's findings regarding diesel emissions, and has maintained it has done nothing wrong.

The city of Hamburg introduced a ban on older diesels on two streets suffering from excessive pollution levels on May 31.

Daimler has pledged to work on removing the software and to cooperate with authorities, the ministry said.

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