Facebook may ban businesses that mislead users about products

Facebook may ban businesses that mislead users about products

Specifically, the social giant is now inviting users to review brands with which they have recently done business.

Buying products online can be a bit of a hit-and-miss situation sometimes. "And if these things happen after purchasing something from a business' ad on Facebook, it can sour your overall impression of Facebook".

Buyers are now able to retroactively go into their settings to view the ads they purchased the products through and fill out a questionnaire about their experience.

Facebook has found that the two biggest frustrations from people who have bought something from an advertiser on the platform were "inaccurate shipping times" or "misrepresented products". It hopes that this way it will be able to connect "more people with businesses that meet their expectations".

Users can access the tool via their Recent Ad Activity tab, where Facebook lists all the recent ads they have clicked on. "It appears that Facebook will send notifications to users to ask about their experience if it detects that they've purchased something after clicking on an ad".

Facebook says the goal of the new tool is to gather feedback from its users in order to identify advertisers with a poor quality of goods or services.

If a business receives a lot of negative feedback, Facebook will share that information with the business and suggest ways to improve.

That will include giving businesses them "guidance" on how to improve customer satisfaction and better meet their expectations.

If feedback doesn't improve, Facebook will reduce the number of ads that those businesses can deliver, and it could eventually ban them.

According to reports, Facebook is experimenting with a new option that will allow Page admins to A/B test their posts.

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