Jaguar E-Pace gets new entry-level 197bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine

Jaguar E-Pace gets new entry-level 197bhp 2.0 litre petrol engine

The Smart Settings feature, which debuted on the all-electric I-Pace, is an AI enabled system that learns the driver's habits and anticipates their needs to make their life easier. This lets the driver flick between normal and dynamic settings for the adjustable dampers, with the former focussing on comfort and latter calibrated to increase body control and road handling.

No longer the buyers' engine of choice, diesel is now (to a point unfairly) demonised, so Jaguar is delivering a new, entry-level petrol option to the E-Pace range.

In a boost to the E-Pace's technology stocks the little SUV will feature the British marque's new smart settings which utilises artificial intelligence. So the new cost of admission makes the base E-Pace the cheapest model Jaguar offers, undercutting the £31,505 base price on the XE.

For example, the auto learns that on a cold day, it should pre-heat the steering wheel or play a given song on a specific day of the week.

An intelligent phone function will automatically surface contacts around the time the driver usually calls them, too.

But the British luxury manufacturer isn't sitting on its laurels with the E-Pace as it's already enhancing the popular luxury crossover by broadening its range of engines and adding adaptive suspension and AI tech to the menu. The Smart Settings is offered as part of the Connect Pro Pack, which also consists of a 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, Pro Services and navigation. This suspension monitors vehicle movements every two milliseconds and calculates the required damping force every 10 milliseconds. Rough surfaces and off road conditions are sensed immediately and the damping adapts accordingly. There's a new engine - a 200bhp four-cylinder petrol, giving 0-60mph in 7.7 seconds, 34.4mpg and 186g/km of Carbon dioxide - and Jag's "Adaptive Dynamics" continuously variable dampers now appear on the options list.

Although adaptive suspension isn't new to Jaguar, it wasn't available with the E-Pace when it was launched a year ago. In a petrol engine, under normal driving conditions, the trapped soot will be oxidised into Carbon dioxide and the filter regenerated whenever the driver lifts off the accelerator.

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